Dedicated Desk


Elevate your workspace experience with a dedicated desk in our co-working space, available full-time for just $450/month! Enjoy privacy, business amenities, a casual environment, and a culture of creativity. Ideal for students, young professionals, startups, and established businesses. Secure your dedicated desk now


Your Dedicated Desk Membership includes:

  1. Exclusive Workspace: Enjoy a dedicated desk that is exclusively yours, providing the privacy and consistency you need for focused work.
  2. Business Amenities: Benefit from high-speed internet, printing services, and access to well-equipped conference rooms for your important meetings or presentations.
  3. Casual Business Environment: Experience a relaxed yet professional atmosphere, catering to students, young professionals, startups, and established businesses alike.
  4. Communal Areas: Our communal areas provide a perfect setting for casual networking, brainstorming sessions, or simply taking a break in a cozy and inviting environment.
  5. Reception Services: Impress your clients and associates with our friendly reception team. They are here to greet guests, handle mail, and ensure a professional atmosphere.
  6. Fostering Creative Culture: Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of diverse individuals and businesses, all dedicated to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Collaborate, learn, and grow together.

Our Dedicated Desk Membership at $450/month is perfect for those who require a consistent and private workspace within a vibrant co-working community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your dedicated desk and elevate your work experience to new heights! Join us today and enjoy the best of both worlds – a dedicated workspace and a thriving community.


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